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Enfrente seus medos em Edom!

Desde os primórdios da civilização, sentimos medo. Ele nos deixa alertas, nos protege, e nos imobiliza. Algumas de suas expressões racionalizamos mais facilmente: medo de um ataque, de grandes alturas, da morte.
E há o medo do desconhecido. 

Desconhecido, que por permanecer desconhecido, toma formas grotescas em nossas mentes. Quando não conseguimos ver, sentir, cheirar ou escutar, o terror assume máscaras infinitas, especialmente assustadoras, e espelha diretamente nossas fobias fundamentais.

Nossas vidas, nossas lembranças, nosso passado e os fardos que carregamos. Enquanto procurarmos o terror do lado de fora, continuamos a ser perseguidos pelo terror que há dentro.

Uma experiência narrativa GDP.


  • WASD, setas: movimentação do personagem.
  • Z: correr.
  • X: interagir com objetos.


Código: João Rabello

Arte: Carolina Sá e Nayara Glei

Música: Paulo Richard Ramos

SFX: Paulo Richard Ramos, Pierluigi Piccolo Raso

Roteiro, textos e tradução (EN): Davi Bretas (Medium, itch)

Supervisão de Projeto: Victor Corrêa

Ouça a trilha sonora original aqui.


Face your fears in Edom!

Since the dawn of civilization, we feel fear. It makes us vigilant, protects us, and paralyzes us. Some, we rationalize: fear of an attacker, of great heights, of death.
And there's the fear of the unknown.

An unknown which, by remaining unknown, takes on grotesque shapes in our minds. Not being able to see it, feel it, smell it or touch it, terror takes infinite forms, and specially frightening ones, mirrorring directly our primal phobias.

Our lives, our memories, our past and the burdens we carry. While we search for the terror out there, we keep being chased by the terror that dwells within.

A narrative experience by GDP.


  • WASD, arrow keys: walk.
  • Z: run.
  • X: interact.


Code: João Rabello

Art: Carolina Sá e Nayara Glei

Music: Paulo Richard Ramos

SFX: Paulo Richard Ramos, Pierluigi Piccolo Raso

Narrative, texts and translation: Davi Bretas (Mediumitch)

Project Management: Victor Corrêa

Hear the original soundtrack here.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tags2D, Horror, Isometric, Mystery, Pixel Art


Edom 47 MB


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New review and gameplay by Alpha Beta Gamer!


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This is a nice game and I wanna find out more about the characters in it. But a few things stuck out.

1. In the english dub side of the game, the vents still had the untranslated text.

2. It would be helpful if the sprint was on the Left Shift and the interact was on the 'e' key. That would be most familiar to any person that uses the wasd keys.

Other then that, love the art style.

here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thanks for playing our game, and thanks for the feedback! Some bugs, like the translation one, we had already noticed and we are already working through them!

We've subscribed to our channel and will follow your next updates!


Really nice work... lots of questions arising from it. I hope there will be updates and we'll meet the other people in the portraits. :)


Thanks again for playing our game!